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Therapies for Chronic Fatigue Treatment You May Not Have Thought Of Before

Tired Medications

Doctors try their best at chronic fatigue treatment but they’re at a loss on what to do besides give prescriptions for medications and order tests that can show other things that may be wrong in the body.

It’s helpful to have the results of these tests. However, there’s a risk that the medications given as fatigue treatment are going to contribute to more chronic fatigue and tiredness.

And if your body’s liver isn’t working at full capacity and is unable to detoxify the medications, then you unknowingly end up contributing to the tiredness and create more fatigue.

That’s when it’s time to turn to alternative healing for some answers for treatment for chronic fatigue.

The first thing you should know about chronic fatigue treatment from an alternative healing perspective is that you are going to have to invest some time and effort into them for them to work.

What Else You Should Know About A Treatment For Chronic Fatigue

Here are some additional facts about chronic fatigue treatment from this perspective:

1. Is Your Fatigue Caused From Bad Mental Habits?

Learning how to forgive

The entire body is considered, so be prepared to consider even spiritual intervention as a treatment for fatigue.

For example, if you are carrying a heavy load of unforgiveness and bitterness towards people in your life, this can impact your energy levels during the day.

So once you sit down and make a concerted effort to remove the bitterness and let it go, you can make a big difference in how much energy you have. This is a little known treatment for fatigue but it makes total sense.

2. Supplements May be Recommended

Fatigue fighting herbs

You may have to consume herbs or foods you aren’t used to. These remedies have been used for centuries as remedies for tiredness.

A number of different herbs or foods may be suggested. Some may be bitter. However, it’s important to remember that the taste buds adjust to bitter tastes.

After four days, the bitterness of the herbs is accepted because your taste buds will change.

As an option, you can always use herb capsules and just bypass the whole taste process. This way you can get the benefits of fatigue treatment without the cons.

Coffee - good or bad?

3. Forget The Coffee

Avoid caffeinated beverages that increase tiredness. This may sound like an oxymoron but it’s true. Caffeine perks you up for awhile, and then you will crash.

4. Forget The Exercise

Don’t overdo the exercise regimens. Exercise increases lactic acid and free radicals which need to be neutralized in the body.

The neutralization process takes energy and can contribute to tiredness. Adding an exercise program is often not in a list of remedies that will work as a treatment for fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Treatment Solutions

With these in mind, let’s review some of the treatments for chronic fatigue that should be considered.

1. Enzyme Therapy

Scientists report that it’s possible that we only have a limited number of enzymes that can be released in the body in a lifetime.

The problem is that each time we overeat we end up using far too many enzymes to break down all the extra food that was eaten. We end up using up some of the enzymes needed for our later years.

Thus, by adding enzymes to the diet both at mealtimes and in between meals, we can help prolong our life.

But more important than that for those who suffer from chronic fatigue is that the enzymes have functions in the body to help normalize metabolic pathways.

Some of the metabolic pathways in the body depend on enzymes for the production of energy. Without the enzymes, you won’t have enough energy.

This is an indirect method of treatment for chronic fatigue but in many people it is extremely helpful. Remedies such as serrapeptase enzymes are often included in this type of treatment for fatigue.

2. Detoxification Program

The body is like a factory. Whatever goes in must be processed and the waste matter removed. If the waste is allowed to accumulate, then constipation results.

Constipation is one of the biggest causes of chronic fatigue. It’s like walking around with a suitcase full of toxins in the abdomen. Sickening and sickening you! It’s no wonder that people are tired.

Removing the waste matter is imperative. You can start with a colon cleanse that involves remedies like aloe vera juice, which is pretty gentle at eliminating colon waste matter.

However, many people have waited far too long for this to happen. They need to blast out the waste matter in the colon. The treatment for fatigue in this case is a colon hydrotherapy session.

In this, the therapist inserts water into the colon with a hose. Another larger hose serves as a way for the old fecal matter to come out.

Those with chronic fatigue may feel better after one treatment but it’s more common to do a series of ten treatments before noticing a difference that can be continually felt.

3. Fasting With Juices

Fruit juices are rich in enzymes

Fasting with juices is another chronic fatigue treatment. This one involves using a juicer to extract the juice out of vegetables and some fruits, and then drinking the tasty juices.

These juices provide thousands of enzymes, and thus can be considered an enzyme therapy or treatment for fatigue.

Drinking the juices daily for a week and then three times a week is the usual protocol. Differences are often felt in three days.

4. Food Allergy Recognition

Food allergy can make you feel tired

Getting a medical lab test done for food allergies can also be a way to end up stopping chronic fatigue forever.

This involves a trip to the medical doctor to order the test (or a referral), a trip back to get the results, and then following the guidelines set up by the doctor afterward.

The test may be an ELISA test or an ALCAT test. Whatever foods show up as allergies are then removed from the diet or rotated every four days.

End Tiredness ProgramIf you’re allergic to different foods, then this treatment for chronic fatigue could work the best for you.

Find out more about the topic of tiredness with the ebook, End Tiredness Program. You’ll be glad you did.



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  • Gerald January 6, 2012, 4:03 am

    Good article – cleaning up what you consume is a great way to get yourself back into recovery. It is also worth noting that stress plays a huge role Chronic Fatigue and people need to get a real understanding what stress does to the body. Most of us understand stress as fight/flight response but it is much bigger than that and unless you take control you will be forever patching up your body and life.

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