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What’s Inside Your Home That’s Causing Your Tiredness?

Living Room

When doctors cannot find the source of your symptoms of fatigue and tiredness, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Nustone quartz new countertops granitedepotindy.com.

It’s time to consider that perhaps the source may be related to where you spend most of your time – at home.

Tiredness Symptoms – Symptoms Of Fatigue That Don’t Go Away

Some of the clues that your environment is causing your fatigue symptoms include the following:

1. You have to sleep for more than 8 hours a night each night.

2. You get more than 8 hours sleep each night but still have extreme fatigue during the day.

3. Doing any type of housework such as vacuuming or laundry tires you out and you must lay down to rest afterwards.

4. Driving to the store for groceries is something you dread because you know you will feel wiped out afterward.

5. Preparing a meal seems like an excruciating task.

6. Nothing seems exciting to you anymore, and even the thought of going out with friends is not something to look forward to because you will suffer extreme fatigue afterward.

7. All you want to do is stay home. (Surprisingly, desiring to stay at home in a toxic environment is common in those who have home toxicity.)

8. Even bathing seems like an insurmountable task.

When you have this level of fatigue, there’s definitely something wrong.

Detecting Energy Predators In Your Home

Start with your house. No, I don’t mean clean it! Instead, make a list of all the new things you have added to the house prior to feeling the chronic fatigue.

Here’s a list of probing questions that can reveal a connection of your home and your extreme tiredness:

1. Did you add new carpeting?

2. Did you paint the walls?

3. Did you add any type of new flooring?

4. Did you hire an exterminator to come in and perform services?

5. Have you added a new stove to the home?

6. As an extension of your home, what about your car? Have you recently purchased a brand new one, or one that has the ‘new car smell’?

Chemicals Must Be Detoxified By Your Body Or Extreme Tiredness Results

Paint contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment

Chronic fatigue can result from problems in the home such as outgassing of chemicals from newly added carpeting. Paint can outgas as well as flooring.

There are dozens of chemicals in new cars. Any time that home improvements are made, they often contain substances (flooring, carpeting, etc.) that has been created with a lot of chemicals.

These chemicals outgas to your home environment and pollute the air. This alone can be a major cause of chronic fatigue.

As your body struggles to detoxify itself of these chemicals that you are breathing in, your detoxification system can become overwhelmed. Then it can’t detoxify itself anymore.

Your body’s detox system has reached a level beyond, which it can operate. And chronic fatigue and tiredness follow.

The same thing happens for extermination services. These chemicals and sprays will be breathed in by you, and your body then has to detoxify them.

If your body is unable to accomplish the day in and day out detoxification, you will suffer from tiredness.

A new stove is not a problem in itself but what can become the culprit in chronic fatigue is the gas line connection.

If attached improperly, the result is a leak of gas, which will also eventually overwhelm your body. The gas produces carbon monoxide in your body, which is lethal in high doses.

If you’ve found a potential source of your fatigue, you’ll have to remedy it. But do read on because your goal is to remove all the health predators in your home.

Other Questions To Help You Detect Causes Of Extreme Tiredness

There are other questions that can help you determine a connection between your chronic fatigue and your home, if it exists.

1. Have you had any storm damage to the roof or windows in your home?

2. Have you noticed any cracks in the basement floor?

3. Have you seen any mold growing anywhere in the house, such as on the walls, in the closet, or around the windows?

4. Have you noticed any spongy areas on the floor in any of your rooms?

5. Does your home smell kind of musty when you come back after a few days away?

6. Is your bedroom located right above the garage?

Time To Call In A Mold Inspector

Is there mold on your bedroom wall?

Mold growth from water intrusion is a very common problem and few people realize the impact it has on health.

Many people are surprised to clean the bedroom one day and find the wall behind the bed completely covered with black mold.

Although your body is able to handle small amounts of mold, when you can see it on a wall or find it caked onto an air conditioning or heating duct, you have far too much mold for your body to handle.

Calling in a mold inspector is sometimes the most important thing you can do to beat your chronic fatigue symptoms.

Then the next step is mold remediation. Questions 1 through 5 on the list above pertain to mold growth in the home.

You Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector, Too

One last cause of people experiencing fatigue symptoms is again related to the body’s detoxification ability. It’s #6, with the bedroom located over the garage.

The exhaust fumes from the car end up going through the bedroom walls of the home, bringing a big dose of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide directly bonds to your body’s oxygen and then slowly the red blood cell number that is incapacitated increases to the point where symptoms of fatigue – and then next extreme fatigue are felt.

In unfortunate circumstances, people die from this.

Your body’s detoxification systems are put in place for you to have victory over your environment, but sometimes – as in the case of chronic fatigue – these systems are overwhelmed.

End Tiredness ProgramTo get your health back, you must replenish the capacity of your body to detoxify and remove the offending source in the home.

For more info on tiredness, see the ebook, End Tiredness Program. It will give you good insight into the topic.



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