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Your Body’s Toxin Level Impacts Your Energy Levels

Food Toxin

If you’re over the age of 20, there’s something you should know about on the topic of how your toxin levels affect your energy levels.

Even the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia now admits that there’s a relationship with your body’s toxin levels and health.

In a research project they ran, they discovered that every single one of the adults in their study had toxins – pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals – floating around in their bloodstream that had the potential to cause cancer and other illnesses.

No one was expecting this kind of results.

In fact, if you check with your friends and ask them if they think there’s a relationship with toxins and energy, toxins and junk food or if it’s important to do a toxins detox, many of them will just walk away and tell you that you’re too paranoid about these things.

But how could you be too paranoid when the Centers for Disease Control admits that we all as adults have 100 times more toxins in our body than what our grandparents had?

Toxins Detox: Is It Necessary?

The truth is that the more your body is loaded up with toxins, the more you have a need to do a toxins detox.

And as a result of a toxins detox, you could expect to uncover the real relationship between toxins and energy – that once the toxin level in your body starts to dwindle to much lower numbers, your energy levels skyrocket and your fatigue becomes a thing of the past.

QuestionWhat Are Toxins Anyway?

Toxins can be defined as any chemical or chemical fragment, any heavy metal or any biochemical byproduct created in the body from metabolism or normal everyday functioning that accumulate in the body.

Here’s a list of some toxins:

  • chemical preservatives
  • food additives
  • arsenic, aluminum, barium, lead, cadmium
  • mercury, nickel, titanium, and other heavy metals

Toxins from junk food are common in our culture, and the more junk food you eat, the more toxins your body will accumulate. And even though you may not notice a big difference in energy levels initially, you will notice it later.

Toxins Accumulate Over The Years


Sometimes it takes 10 or 20 years to accumulate the toxins from junk foods. That’s because at first your body detoxifies them on its own. Your body is equipped with detoxification methods and it’s like a self-cleaning oven.

But when the level of toxins starts to overwhelm the demands that your body can handle, there’s trouble. Symptoms set in and generally the first one is that you start to feel old. Your body starts to drag and you feel fatigue.

Fatigue After 40 Is Common – It’s Due To Toxins

What’s the first thing that people start complaining about when they hit the age of 40? It’s that they’re tired. They can’t keep up with their kids.

Fatigue is followed by other symptoms such as headaches, skin breakouts, smells coming from different parts of the body, joint aches and body pains, and the skin starts to sag.

All these are signs that internal cleansing of the toxins needs to happen. Toxin detox programs start with the process of cleansing the colon first because once the waste is cleaned out of this area, fatigue becomes a thing of the past.

Extra weight appears to just fall off. The eyes and skin look brighter and more full of life. The person doesn’t look like they’re over the age of 40 anymore; they’ve regressed about 5 or 10 years.

Toxins detox becomes a wonderful thing. And it all makes sense.

Heavy Metals Toxins Accumulate And Cause Fatigue

Mercury Fillings

Your body’s toxin level is associated with your energy levels. Here’s another perspective on it – take the example of heavy metal contamination.

Mercury fillings can easily leak out of tooth fillings that are made of amalgam. The mercury starts to get into the tissues of the mouth, and into the bloodstream where it is carried throughout the body.

The first symptom is fatigue. The longer it continues, the more other symptoms are added to it.

Why is fatigue the first symptom? Simply because the body is trying its hardest to eliminate the mercury but can’t keep up with the detoxification process.

So what happens is that the cells send a message to the body to slow down. Rest a little. Rest a lot more. And rest a lot more. Maybe if you rest your body can take care of the detoxification; this way it can focus on healing.

But if the mercury continues leaking out of the teeth, the body can’t keep up with the detoxification until the mercury filling is removed.

Aluminum Toxin Accumulation Causes Another Type Of Fatigue

Aluminum Can

A similar thing happens with other types of heavy metal contamination. High concentrations of aluminum cause fatigue – this time of the brain, not the body.

The brain becomes SO tired because it has to deal with the extra added toxin of the aluminum that it forces the brain to start shutting down. What results is memory loss, or fatigue of the brain.

How can you equate fatigue of the brain with memory loss? Simply by observing what happens when your body is overly stressed or tired. How well do you remember things at that time?

Not that well… the fatigue of the body pours over to the brain and since one of the brain’s primary functions is memory, then the fatigue becomes evident in these important brain cells.

Lots of toxins in the body means lots of fatigue. Very few toxins in the body means lots of energy. You have your choice of which one you want.

Really do consider all this new information today.

End Tiredness ProgramAnd here’s a new tip: There’s a great program in ebook form called the End Tiredness Program that would be great to check out.

It’s full of answers on why people get tired and what to do about it. It may give you the insight you need to solve fatigue once and for all.

And remember: Don’t let any years of your life become wasted years. Just do a toxins detox and grab all the energy you can get out of life!

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