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How To Beat Fatigue After Exercise

Tired Exercise

Exercise is a great habit but it’s the fatigue after exercise that people dislike most about getting a good workout.

This fatigue can range from doing a little yawning and feeling soreness in the muscles to having to stop the day’s activities and take a nap, then sleeping until the next morning.

What It Means To Be Tired After Exercise

The more exercise fatigue one has, the more it’s an indication of a few things:

1. You may be very much out of shape.
2. Your body is deficient in the nutrients that help prevent oxidation.
3. You’re hungry!

It could be a combination of all of these things, too!

QuestionWhere Do You Get Energy From When You Work Out?

When first starting an exercise program, it’s imperative to keep your mind on the end goal: to be in shape and have plenty of energy.

The energy you’ll get from working out comes from a lot of different places:

• Toned Muscles Means More Energy

Gym Male

Working out, especially with weights is a way to tone up the muscles. Once the muscles have better tone, they don’t scream out to you to rest when you exert yourself just a little bit.

• Higher Self Esteem

Working out is great for self-esteem and you stand up straighter and slouch less. Slouching is one of the top ways to use up any energy you have and have fatigue.

• Endorphins Released

Working out releases endorphins, which are the brain’s happy chemicals. Just like the name says, these endorphins will keep you happy.

The happier you are, the less fatigued you will be. You’ll suddenly find energy to do things you haven’t done in quite awhile.

• Sharper Brain

Working out sharpens your mind, too, as the brain receives more circulation than before you began working out. It clears out the mind and helps eliminate brain fatigue.

There’s four good reasons that you have to think about how good it is to exercise, and stop thinking about fatigue after exercise.

But how will you cope in the meantime?

RecommendationsBeat Exercise Fatigue With These Recommendations

The answer is clear.

Follow the recommendations below and you’ll see how well these methods work to beat fatigue after exercise.

1. Up Your Vitamin C

Vitamin C SupplementOne of vitamin C’s functions in the body is to eliminate – or neutralize the lactic acid that results after exercise.

Lactic acid builds up when you exercise and it’s responsible for you slowing down.

When runners run a marathon, it’s the lactic acid buildup in combination with the body converting over to burn fat that makes them ‘hit the wall’.

But the beauty of taking extra vitamin C is that the lactic acid is eliminated.

What that really means to you is that you won’t be tired after exercise or experience exercise fatigue.

The big question is how much should you take? Start with 500 mg vitamin C every hour after you work out. Take about 4 or 5 doses. This should allow you to wake up the next morning refreshed totally and ready to exercise again.

2. Vitamin E Beats Extreme Fatigue After Exercise

Vitamin E SupplementWhile you increase your vitamin C to beat exercise fatigue, it’s a good idea to balance out the vitamin C with vitamin E.

Vitamin E replenishes the vitamin C in the body, and helps beat oxidation. When you can beat oxidation, you can beat fatigue after exercise – and just ordinary tiredness, too.

Suggested dosage is 400 IU daily of alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) or a combination of tocotrienols.

3. Lots Of Enzymes From Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

When you increase your raw fruits and vegetables, you increase your consumption of natural enzymes that are in the food. One excellent way to get more energy and beat fatigue after exercise is to juice after you work out.

Here’s an excellent recovery formula that will help:

Carrot Apple Spinach Juice

Carro Apple Spinach Juice

2 carrots
1 apple, preferably red delicious
2 handfuls spinach


1. Wash all vegetables thoroughly. Remove the core and seeds from the apple and discard.

2. Juice through a juicer, starting with the spinach. If the spinach won’t juice that well, add a carrot simultaneously.

3. Mix and drink.

4. You can also make this drink in a blender as a smoothie.

4. Plenty Of Water

Water Glasses

One of the signs of dehydration is fatigue and tiredness.

Some experts say that almost 90% of us all are dehydrated and the signs show up in different ways. Some people have random aches and pains in the body while others are overcome with pain.

One woman I know was taking up to 6 Vicodin capsules daily for body pain that prevented her from doing any housework at all. She never could even get to the point where she could work out.

When all she did was make a simple change of drinking water all day long, her pain dwindled to almost nothing.

She didn’t feel that it was in her best interest to stop the Vicodin completely due to the possibility of withdrawal symptoms but went down to only 2 capsules in 24 hours. And her regular personality came back.

End Tiredness ProgramIf you’re going to exercise, prepare for it. If you have fatigue and tiredness now, give yourself a few weeks at working out to eliminate the tiredness. You’ll soon be a brand new you.

For more info on how to beat fatigue, check out the ebook, End Tiredness Program. It covers a lot more background on the problem and how to successfully beat it.

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