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What To Do About Chronic Fatigue Symptoms: How To Get Over Tiredness

Fatigue Teens

Commit To Eliminating Your Tiredness Symptoms And Extreme Fatigue

Chronic fatigue symptoms can ruin your life in many ways that are related to how the symptoms manifest.

Here is a list of some of the ways that chronic fatigue can manifest:

  • A person with chronic fatigue symptoms will often stop talking to their friends and family in a positive manner.
  • They’ll talk about how tired they are.
  • They make excuses for not participating in fun activities with friends.
  • They sound like they’re not excited about anything in life.

This isn’t exactly a recipe for a good friendship! Instead, it ends up separating people. No one wants to be around someone who is a downer!

  • If you have tiredness, extreme fatigue or have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, you probably find it difficult to be upbeat.
  • You have to drag yourself up out of bed.
  • You often have difficulty sleeping.
  • You don’t feel like having sexual relationships with your partner.

These symptoms start to take a toll on your work, your home life and even how you view yourself.

I feel for you, but at the same time realize that in reality, you really have no other solution except to overcome your tiredness and extreme fatigue.

What Causes Chronic Fatigue Symptoms?

There are many causes of chronic fatigue symptoms. Below is a list of a few of them:

1. Environmental Toxicity


The environmental toxins can accumulate in the body. These toxic elements such as mercury, lead, aluminum, bismuth, arsenic, antimony, uranium, cadmium, and others have been clearly linked with chronic fatigue symptoms.

The chronic fatigue symptoms are a red flag to your body that it’s time to do something about what’s happening. The only problem is that you don’t know what’s happening unless you do some medical testing.

One way to find out what’s happening is to get a hair analysis test ordered by a health practitioner. This test lists about a dozen different elements in the environment that can jump up to levels of toxicity that account for your fatigue.

The test will tell you what your levels of these environmental toxins are. As soon as you can remove the high levels of toxic elements, you will start to feel better.

2. Allergies Or Food Sensitivities

Food Allergy

Allergies to food or food sensitivities is a major cause of problems with extreme fatigue or tiredness. What happens is that foods trigger off immune system reactions in the body that use up a lot of energy and leave you with tiredness.

It would take forever to figure out what foods you are allergic to or foods that cause sensitivities. The problem is that foods can cause delayed reactions in the body.

You can eat a pear today and have a reaction to it three days from now. If you’re eating more than just pears in your diet, it’s difficult to isolate what is causing the problem.

The easiest way to discover what foods are the culprits is to order an ALCAT test. This test is quite accurate for food insensitivities. The test itself is a simple blood test and can test a few hundred different foods.

Rotating the foods that you are not sensitive to is then the solution. This way you won’t create any new food problems.

The best part of it all is that within about four to five days, there is a total change in the person who has had chronic fatigue symptoms.

This is because the foods that caused problems have been removed and there are no more immune system reactions. The inflammation is gone in the body. And that brings on a wonderful state of being, and state of health.

3. Not Enough Sleep

Enough Sleep

When you have chronic fatigue symptoms, it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of “I’ll do what I can when I can do it.” This type of attitude only enables you to stay locked in the arms of the health issue.

Re-establishing sleep patterns is very important for overcoming extreme fatigue or tiredness.

Everyone who doesn’t get a good night of sleep – whether or not they have chronic fatigue syndrome – will end up being tired. Thus, you have to force yourself NOT to take naps during the day, which quickly throws off your whole sleep cycle.

The minute that you start nodding off, it’s time to get up and take the dog for a walk, take a shower to invigorate you, or do something that grabs your interest and makes you happy.

This is a vital step in recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

After you get started with these three methods to start recovering your life from chronic fatigue symptoms, it’s time to dig deep and read as much as you can on the topic.

End Tiredness ProgramOne great idea is to get the ebook, End Tiredness Program, and finding out a lot more details. It’s a good second step to creating a victory over extreme tiredness and fatigue.

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