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Is Your Tiredness Due To A Lack Of New Ideas?

Tired Lack Idea

Tiredness. You’ve looked at all the usual causes and none seem to fit.

You’re bored and don’t know why you are tired.

And that’s exactly the point. You’re tiredness could be due to a lack of new ideas.

There Are Medical Reasons For Tiredness

The medical reasons for tiredness include the following:

1. Blood Sugar Disturbances

Lack of insulin or too much insulin can cause sudden tiredness that is very difficult to beat.

2. Infection

Whenever you have an infection, your white blood cells will pump out massive quantities of a substance that forces you to slow down. The chemical makes you tired.

3. Lack Of Sleep

No matter who you are, a lack of sleep will cause tiredness.

4. Lack Of Exercise

Without moving around enough, blood stagnates. You were meant to move!

Tiger Sleep5. High Outside Temperature; Body Can’t Adjust

When it’s hot outside, even zoo animals became lazy and experience tiredness. The same is true for humans.

It’s difficult to adjust to extremes of temperature and high heat causes tiredness.

6. Low Adrenal Function

It’s common that many people have been stressed so much that there are no more reserves in the body to do anything! The result is tiredness.

7. Low Thyroid Function

Your thyroid regulates your energy levels during the day and night. If your thyroid is underactive, then you will be tired.

On the other hand, if your thyroid is overactive, you will be energetic and not want to sleep.

8. Depression

Situational depression is when you experience depression due to a loss of job, loss of relationship, family problems or a trauma. Depression can also result from vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Food Allergy9. Allergies

Allergies, especially food allergies is a common cause of fatigue.

If you don’t have any of these medical reasons for tiredness, there must be another reason.

Now certainly it could be possible that you have one of the medical reasons for tiredness but haven’t had it diagnosed yet.

So going to the doctor who can rule out any of these is a good idea.

Poor Ways Of Coping With Life Include Being Stagnant In Your Own Ideas

Now that we’ve addressed all the medical and nutritional causes, it’s time to look at your mental ways of coping. Here’s a little checklist to see how mentally strong you are.

Yes No I listen to news so I know what’s going on in the world.
Yes No I make a point to visit friends at least once a week.
Yes No I always try to sample one new food or new recipe each month.
Yes No I get in one good vacation each year.
Yes No Reading books is one of my favorite pastimes.
Yes No I make a point to see a new movie at least twice a month.
Yes No I continue learning, even though I have already graduated from school.
Yes No People don’t ever say, “That’s interesting” to me when I speak with them.
Yes No I read the Bible or take part in spiritual learning at least once a week.
Yes No At work, I’m the one who comes up with new ideas.
Yes No I’m proficient with computers.
Yes No I have a few hobbies I love.

How many of these 11 statements did you answer, “Yes” to?

The more of them you answered, the less likely you are to experience boredom or a lack of new ideas.

Human Brains Need Constant Stimulation

Your brain actually thrives on new ideas. New ideas can give you a big relief from regular life.

One new idea can fuel such passion that it can change a world. Without new ideas, fatigue will set in.

Every one of the above statements contains a common way that people are motivated to pursue their dreams or just grab on to life and run with it. News and television opens up the mind to many new ideas.

Countless individuals have discovered the food channel, the history channel, the animal channel, the reality television channel, and numerous other channels that never existed before in the history of television.

Your brain needs plenty of new ideas to constantly grow. In many ways, dementia is a result of lack of new input of ideas.

Visiting friends weekly exposes you to their world so you’re not stuck inside your own. Reading books is another way to expand your world and your ideas.

Taking community offered classes exposes you to people you didn’t know before as well as the new ideas in the class.

And if you’re an expert in an area, teaching a class on your area of expertise will give you plenty of ideas for future projects.

Future projects mean you won’t be fatigued, sitting around tired. You’ll be a go-getter.

Brain StimulantEven computers expand our brains, although we can tend to get frustrated with them. Computers open us up to the online encyclopedia of worldwide ideas.

A good cure for tiredness is to research a topic you love online for one hour. Soon one hour becomes two, which becomes three and even eight.

Spiritual matters also are a haven against tiredness. Honoring God and serving Him is a great way to get rejuvenated – and it happens in sometimes an instant.

So now considering this information, is lack of new ideas a part of the reasons for your tiredness?

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