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Your Circle Of Influence Could Be Making You Tired

Unhappy Friends

If you’re tired, have you ever stopped to think that possibly the reason why you are always tired is because of the friends that surround you? Детальное описание Rent a car Alicante у нас на сайте.

Very few people consider that friends could be contributing to your tiredness and fatigue. However, the situation is real enough for thousands of people, and it could be affecting you, too.

It Does No Good To Blame People

People come in all different shapes and sizes. All are on their own learning curve in life. Even though some people are privileged to be wise before their time, they still have to learn:

  • How to form relationships with others
  • How to operate in life with high ethics
  • How to get ahead without stepping on others’ toes
  • How to set goals and accomplish them
  • How to accept achievements with grace
  • How to stay healthy
  • And a number of other things

Going through this learning curve means mistakes are made. And you may be the recipient of these mistakes.

Often, a person makes the same mistake over and over again, and it’s easy to develop an emotional wall against another person. This uses up energy and leaves us tired, and even exhausted.

Who Could Be Causing You A Loss Of Energy?

Here are a few situations that will explain this better:

1. You have a doctor who goes on a tirade because you are using alternative medicine, or not taking your medication! This situation could leave a scar on your soul, let alone leave you always tired.

But you must forgive. The doctor hasn’t yet learned that alternative medicine provides a supplementary source of healing that makes his own type of healing work better.

2. You have a domineering parent who seems to degrade you whenever you
offer a new idea. This can be a soul-scarring series of events, leaving you in a state of exhaustion and fatigue!

Again, forgiveness is in order. Your parent hasn’t learned yet that every idea is always a potential open door to a brighter future.

3. You have a friend who sees like through a looking glass of negativity. Your friend hasn’t found the real joy in life yet. In the interactions with your friend, you notice you are always tired, never energized after being with that friend.

Lessening these people’s learning curves involves psychologically demanding methods, although you could offer them suggestions from time to time, and hope that they catch on quickly. In the meantime, their actions are affecting you.

Stop Punting Others’ Negativity

As long as you feel that you have to keep punting away people’s negativity before entering into their presence and are continually “on the lookout” for their bad attitudes, you are using up an incredible amount of energy to do this.

Think about the excess worrying you have to do – and strategic planning to avoid the negativity – before you go see your doctor, talk to your parent again, or spend time with that negative friend. It’s similar to dealing with an alcoholic.

Many people have to consult with others about what they’re going to say to these people! You could spend hours of your day on exactly that. Others lose sleep over it. It’s common to have chronic exhaustion and fatigue as a result.

The longer these people in your life have these bad attitudes, the longer you have to deal with the situation, and the more energy it’s going to take to shield yourself from the negativity. Moreover, their negativity is polluting your lovely free spirit.

Negativity Affects Your Productivity On The Job, Too

One woman, Robin, mentioned that she willingly put up with a friend’s negative attitude about her success. There were days during the week when she was much more fatigued than usual and didn’t know why.

Robin knew her friend was in the wrong, but nevertheless, the woman was her friend. As her business success grew, Robin felt better and better about herself.

Things came to a head one day when Robin’s friend blew up at her, calling her ugly names and even accusing Robin of thinking she was superior. That was when Robin had to draw the line.

She stopped returning her friend’s threatening phone calls and stopped putting energy into being polite and friendly in a hostile situation. She ended the friendship.

You’ll never guess what happened next.

Robin’s business tripled in income the next month and stayed at that level the following month.

Interpreting The Results Is Easy

Do you see what happened here? Robin didn’t have to spend any energy on strategically dancing her way around her friend’s bad attitude anymore.

It was as if a big weight was lifted off her shoulders. Now she could focus on her business without any nagging worries about this person.

Her fatigue left her and she was happier. Her marriage even improved.

Whenever You Are Exhausted, It’s Time To Evaluate Who You Were Around

Often we have a lot of control over the people who surround us. What friends are dragging you down because of their continual bad attitudes?

Are you really receiving enough benefits from having that friend in your life, or would your life improve if they were gone?

Bad attitudes in people are just as prevalent as good attitudes in people. When you’re around those with bad attitudes, your life is full of strife that you may not even be aware of.

Bad News: Bad Attitudes Are Endless

Have you heard the story about the dad who kicked his 12-year-old son who hit his 10-year-old sister who pulled the hair of her younger 8-year-old sister who kicked the dog that bit the neighbor?

Bad attitudes don’t stop; they just get passed along to others unless you make a point to not pass them on.

On the other hand, when you’re around those with good attitudes, your life flourishes beyond measure. And you suddenly have unlimited amounts of energy. It’s well worth it.

But there’s something else you should know about this topic: what to do when the negative people are family members you can’t avoid.

How To Beat Tiredness, Exhaustion And Fatigue

The answer is simple. Limit the amount of time you spend with these negative people and limit what you say to them. Don’t share deep heartfelt secrets when you know they’ll cut down your ideas.

This way you can beat fatigue and lack of energy from a social perspective.

End Tiredness ProgramThere are other ways to beat fatigue. For a guide that lists many more solutions, you must check out the ebook, End Tiredness Program.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Eliminating Tiredness from Your Life. It’s a real winner and I know you will love it.



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