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5 Reasons Why Your Child Could be Tired

Tired child

If you’re asking the question, why is my child always tired, you certainly know that out of all different kinds of people, children are supposed to have the most energy.

You surely have noticed that children’s energy levels even beat out puppies and kittens!

Many parents have asked themselves, how can I get some of that “kids” energy?

When you notice that you have a child always tired or when you see fatigue in children, it’s time to do some investigation and get down to the bottom of it.

Whatever you do, don’t let the investigation wait, thinking to yourself, “Well, if the kids are tired, I can finally get some rest myself!” This is tempting!

Tiredness in children that accompanies tired parents means that everyone in the family has something that is off kilter, and as a parent, it’s your job to solve the problem.

Let’s Get To The Reasons For Tiredness And Fatigue In Children

And you can do it! Here are five reasons why you could have a tired child and what to do about each one of them.

1. Sleep Patterns Need Readjustment In Tired Children

The #1 reason why fatigue can be found in children is that they didn’t get enough sleep the night before, similar to adults. Their bodies are just smaller versions of yours and they feel everything you feel when you don’t get enough sleep.

The most important thing you can do is re-establish your children’s sleep cycles. Certainly setting a bedtime helps but it’s not the end-all solution since kids can easily fake that they are asleep during “Lights out!” and still end up tired the next day.

The real secret is to tire them out during the day with plenty of exercise in the sunshine, preferably while they were barefoot.

Think of what happens at the beach. One full day at the beach is a recipe for a good night of sleep for children. It’s even better than taking them for a long car ride which you can always count on to tire them out.

2. Incorrect Food Choices Means Fatigue In Children

Tiredness in children can almost always be correlated with incorrect food choices. Expect tiredness in children about 90 minutes after a meal when they eat processed foods or foods high in sugars and corn syrup.

This is a sign to you that their diet should be changed immediately. Processed foods cause a zinc deficiency, which is the #1 mineral associated with plenty of energy – or lack of energy and tiredness.

And as much as the kids won’t want to hear it, they’re going to have to eat more vegetables and real foods than processed foods.

Start your weaning and set the limits! What you do for your kids’ health now will save you grief 10 years from now. It’s a little investment but think about it.

Ten years from now don’t you want to be doing other things like taking vacations because the kids are old enough? This sure beats out the idea of staying home for months because the kids have diabetes.

3. Improper Posture

It’s easier now than ever for children to end up tired when they’re loaded down with a heavy backpack at school, sit in front of the computer screen for hours and look down constantly to text messages to friends and family.

All three of these activities will cause strain to muscles that then cause fatigue in children.

Here are a few tips about them:

  • The 15% Backpack Rule
    Backpacks should not be heavier than 15% of total body weight. Ask your child to weigh his backpack before he leaves for school. Remove some weight if there’s too much in the backpack.
  • Posture Patrol
    Check your child’s posture as he sits at the computer. Correcting it for an entire week is an excellent way to start re-establishing good posture. The following week, tell your child you will only check his posture twice a day and if his posture is good, throw in a reward. Then the following week go back to more frequent posture checks.
  • Lift Up the Phone
    You won’t be able to stop your child from texting, but you can ask him or her to lift the phone up higher – to at least chest height so that the angle of his / her neck is better.

4. Anemia

Anemia occurs when your child isn’t getting enough nutrients to feed his red blood cells. The red blood cells then cannot get enough oxygen, and this causes tiredness in children.

But did you know that anemia isn’t only due to an iron deficiency? Other deficiencies can contribute to it, such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, and copper deficiencies.

A B complex and a little extra vitamin C is always a good addition to your child’s diet.

Another way to get in the B vitamins is to “sprout” almonds. By soaking raw almonds in a bowl of water for a few hours, the almonds sprout, and plump up to twice the size they were when raw.

The almond ‘thinks’ that you are going to plant it and it must produce a tree, so all its energy is invested into nutrient production. The B vitamin content triples in sprouted almonds.

Rinse the almonds after they are totally softened, place in a plastic bag and let the kids snack on them freely.

5. Other Serious Illnesses

There’s a chance that fatigue in children may be due to serious diseases such as congenital disorders of muscles or cancer but these are rare.

By investigating the previous four reasons why your child may be tired, you will be able to see what kind of response your child gets.

End Tiredness ProgramThe chances are excellent that your tired children will blossom into energetic sons and daughters.

For more information on the topic of tiredness, do check out the ebook, End Tiredness Program.

This ebook will help fill in the gaps of some of the above causes of tiredness.


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