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How To Erase Tiredness From Your Face Using Makeup Tricks

Tired Makeup Tricks

When you don’t get a good night of sleep, it’s time to pull out the makeup for tired eyes. The quickest way to look old is to have tired eyes.

You may have noticed already that people do treat you differently when you have tired eyes compared to when you look more alive and radiant.

When you have tired eyes, some of the things you’ll see are the following:

Makeup For Tired Eyes

Thus you need make up tricks to eliminate these symptoms. Below is a list of some things you can do to eliminate the tiredness.

1. Use the Yellow Makeup Trick

Yellow Makeup Trick

Yellow makeup takes out the darkness and shadows around the eyes when you have tiredness. Simply put a little dab right on the darkened area.

Spread it around the area. Then layer another color – the color of your usual base color on top to cover the yellow. The darkness will be gone.

2. Layer Your Makeup

Some makeup artists are using two colors of base makeup to help cover darkness underneath and around the eyes. The two colors are the same colors that can be found on your own face.

For example, look at your nose. Is it a different color than the skin on your cheeks? In most people there is a difference of a few shades of color.

Put the darker colored base on the darkened area around your eyes. Circle the eyes with this color from the inner corner of the eye down and around to the outer corner of your eye.

Then put the lighter colored base on the same area and follow this with the rest of your makeup.

Now, these two makeup tricks will help you a lot but there are other things to do to relieve the tiredness in your eyes. Use the following natural healing techniques whenever you can.

Wake Up Tired Eyes With These Methods

So let’s get to it and give you a list of what you can do right now to wake up your eyes and get people to respond to you better, even though you may still be tired.

1. Use Acupuncture Points To Eliminate Tiredness

Eye Acupuncture Points

There are acupuncture points right underneath your eyebrows in an arch along the brow of the eyebrow. By pressing and holding them for about 10 seconds, you can get an instant lift of the eye.

2. Drink 2 Extra Glasses Of Water

Two Glasses Water

Often one of the biggest reasons for looking tired when you don’t get enough sleep is that you are dehydrated. During sleep your body has the chance to re-establish fluid balance in the body.

3. Do Two Simple Eye Exercises

Facial exercises are one of the quickest ways to perform an instant face lift. You just have to know what to do. Some of the most beautiful faces of older ladies I have seen has been on those who do facial exercises daily.

It takes a few hours to learn how to do a complete set of facial exercises, but you can learn the ones for the eyes right now.

The reason why facial exercises work to make you erase tiredness is the same principle that involves working out in the gym which causes your body to stop looking frumpy. Just like you have muscles all throughout your body, you also have muscles on your face.

The first eye exercise is where you simply sit in a chair and open your eyes widely. Hold them open for a count of 5 seconds. Then repeat four times. Your eyes will feel so much better and the skin will look more toned and less saggy.

Eye Facial Exercise 1

The second eye exercise involves your eye muscles. Sitting quietly in a chair, keep your head fixed in one direction – forward. Then look as far as you can to the left and then to the right.

Eye Facial Exercise 2

Make your eyes move back and forth to the left and right about 10 times. You can pick up speed as you do this. Then next allow your eyes to move downwards and then upwards.

Repeat this back and forth down and up about ten times.

You’ll feel like you’re ready to take on anything and the tiredness will be gone!

4. Use The Tea Bag Trick

Tea Bags Eyes

An old trick for removing tiredness and dark shadows is to get two tea bags, soak them in warm water and then when it’s not too hot, place it on top of your eyelids.

Of course, your eyes are closed when you do this. Leave them on your eyelids for five minutes, then remove. Your eyes will feel restored.

Witch Hazel5. Witch Hazel Firming

Witch hazel is an astringent type of herb, which means that it tightens the tissues.

Soak two cotton balls in witch hazel and lay them on your closed eyelids.

Let them lie there on your eyelids for five minutes. Then remove them, rinse your eyelids and apply your makeup as usual.

Makeup for tiredness is possible. Just get to it! Try one of these methods immediately!

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