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Completely Eliminating Tiredness After Workouts

Tired After Workout

For years I’ve been helping patients completely eliminate tiredness after workouts and it’s time you found out my secret.

I’m a nutritionist helping people solve their health problems, many which are related to nutrition.

Patients Who Aren’t Tired After Workouts

Before I give you the secret, I’d like you to read a testimonial from one of my patients. I received this just last week.

“I’ve been religiously working out at the gym for the past 3 weeks.
I feel the best I’ve felt in years! Thanks for encouraging me to start
exercising. You’re the first healthcare practitioner who helped me
understand that there are times when we shouldn’t exercise and
other times when we should and our body would tell us when to
start. I heard my body tell me it was time to start and now I’m
reaping the benefits.” – Ms. Larsen

Well, this testimonial brings up a few important points for you regarding your tiredness after workouts.

  1.  Are You Exercising Too Much?
  2.  Are You Exercising Too Little?
  3. Did You Wait For Your Body to Tell You To Exercise?

Too Much ExerciseAre You Exercising Too Much?

If you’re exercising too much, it’s a sure way to develop tiredness after workouts.

Your body can only do so much working out before it has to rest.

If you exceed the threshold that your body can handle, you’ll have tiredness after workouts.

The problem with exercising too much is that the circulation is increased dramatically and all the extra oxygen from the aerobic activity has to be handled by the cells.

This adds something called oxidative stress to the body, which raises the heart rate at rest and adds physiological stress to the body by increasing free radicals too.

The problem is training your body to recognize that threshold.

Too Little ExerciseAre You Exercising Too Little?

If you aren’t exercising at all, the first few times you go back to your regular workouts, you’ll experience tiredness. Do you know what defines exercising too little?

Would the best answer be:

a. four times a week
b. three times a week
c. twice a week
d. once a week
e. once a month

Your answer would be c, twice a week or less.

The fact is that you can exercise three times a week for about 42 minutes and it’s enough for the entire week.

You’ll get the benefits of exercise for your heart, skin, and the rest of your organs, as well as your physique with three quality sessions at the gym.

But if you go less than this, you can easily lose those benefits. That’s because every time you start up again with a new workout, it’s as if your body forgot its previous level of conditioning.

The result is tiredness after workouts and who needs that?

Did You Wait For Your Body To Tell You To Exercise?

Exercise TimerOften people get an idea in their mind that they have to go work out so many times a week and for so long and nothing else is going to work.

The problem with this type of thinking is that you can’t squeeze into the equation the part about your body having wisdom and telling you how it feels.

If you charge ahead committing to exercise 7 days a week or 5 days a week for 2 hours each session, what will you do if your body says slow down?

Commitments are good and a good way to meet your goals but they have to be flexible so you can take into account your body, the one you have for life and the one that you should be good to.

More About Tiredness After Workouts

There’s more to this testimonial. Ms. Larsen continues:

“And by the way, I need that herbal recovery formula! I didn’t
realize how much I needed it until I ran out. Boy do I feel tiredness
after workouts without it! When can I come to get it? Today?”

This brings up the big question: What Are You Using to Eliminate the Tiredness after Workouts?

The recovery formula I use is one that includes the following herbs:

  • dong quai
  • manaca
  • una de gato
  • aquilaria
  • safflower flowers
  • tangerine oil
  • sarsaparilla
  • bitter orange
  • peach seed
  • dalbergia odorifera
  • tayuya
  • iporuru
  • samambaia

All these are herbs that have been used by people in other countries for many years. Some of them are Chinese herbs, such as dong quai and peach seed. Quite a few of them are herbs from Peru and Brazil.

The combination has even been tested on athletes and found to increase their speed of recovery after workouts. And what that means is that they, like the patient mentioned above, can completely eliminate tiredness after workouts by taking a formula like this.

The way that herbal recovery formulas work is to increase the body’s ability to process lactic acid.

Lactic acid is the primary waste product that the body produces after working out. When it accumulates, you are guaranteed to be tired.

End Tiredness ProgramFor more information on how to stop tiredness, check out the End Tiredness Program. It’s an ebook that gives all types of suggestions on what can be done to get results. You will be glad you did.

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