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Tips To Feel Younger By Overcoming Excessive Tiredness

Tired Woman

Excessive tiredness takes a toll on your body. If you are always tired, you may look in the mirror and see someone who appears exhausted, unhealthy, and older than your chronological age.

It might be more than your appearance that is off. Perhaps your chronic exhaustion has left you unwilling or unable to enjoy any aspect of your life. This can depress you and make you feel even older.

The secrets to increased energy and youthfulness may have eluded you so far, but feeling younger and more energetic is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, some techniques are simple and easy to do.

The following methods are just two of many easy ways you can regain the energy you have lost and begin to feel young again.

Find the Proper Ph balance

Ph refers to how acidic or alkaline a substance, including your body, is. This may sound like a complicated concept from science class, but it is very important in regards to beating chronic tiredness and retaining the vigor of youth.

Put simply when a person is healthy and his or her body is functioning properly, the person is maintaining a Ph that is slightly alkaline, or around 7.4 to be exact. The Ph scale runs from 1 to 14. Anything under 7 is acidic, while anything over 7 is alkaline (exactly 7 is neutral).

pH levelsPeople with a healthy Ph level are typically full of energy. Furthermore, their bodies can easily renew and repair which helps fight the effects of aging.

On the other hand, people who are chronically and excessively tired are known to have Ph levels that are very acidic. Maintaining an acidic Ph level causes many complications in your body. It prevents your hormones and enzymes from functioning properly.

Even more critically, acid binds to every cell in your body making them rigid and unable to adapt to change. In this case, red blood cells cannot flow as easily so they are less able to provide your body with necessary nutrients and energy.

It also becomes difficult for your tissue cells to regenerate and divide into new cells. Your body must work very hard just to maintain itself at subpar levels. If tissue is damaged, it can be almost impossible for your body to make needed repairs.

If your body is too acidic, it has to expend enormous energy just to survive and there is none left for you to perform your daily tasks. This leaves you with excessive tiredness among other health problems.

The obvious solution is to reduce your acidity by raising your pH so that it is at the proper, slightly alkaline level. This is difficult to do if you eat a “typical” highly processed, white-flour, white-sugar diet.

Many common foods can lower your Ph and make it too acidic. For example, instant, boxed, premixed, and otherwise processed foods are typically full of acids that lower your Ph to unhealthy levels. Products made from bleached flour or sugars are also high in acid. This includes many pastas and breads.

Substances like alcohol and tobacco can also produce acidity. Your body will also become more acidic if you are overly stressed and do not take time to relax.

There are supplements you can take that will alkalize your body, but these are short term solutions. The best solution is one that involves natural methods.

Relaxation will help your body stop producing acid-forming toxins. Changes to your diet, such as eating more fresh vegetables and fiber-rich fruits, will also help you balance your Ph.

Unprocessed or “raw” dairy products like milk and yogurt are very beneficial. Many herbs and spices, like oregano, sage, and parsley, can effectively balance your Ph and bring you out of the acidity range. Remember, a healthy Ph is slightly alkaline.

Even sweets like honey and raw molasses can help your body become less acidic. If you take steps to naturally lower your acidity, you will find that you can overcome chronic feelings of excessive tiredness.

Change Your Mental Outlook

It may seem hard to believe, but your mind has a great influence on your level of energy. Your body is a complex machine and your mind controls it.

Your mind regulates adrenal gland function which releases adrenaline. It also controls your metabolism, which converts food into energy, and it affects other hormonal processes as well.

Therefore, if you are not staying mentally healthy your body will not be able to provide you with the energy you need to stay invigorated.

In many cases, your psyche or mental outlook plays the biggest role in determining your mental health and level of energy. Fortunately, you can control your mental outlook.

In fact, making positive changes to your mental outlook may be the easiest thing you can do to improve your levels of energy and overcome chronic tiredness.

The increased energy you achieve from overcoming lack of sleep by eliminating anxiety and thoughts that are keeping you awake is a great example of how your mental outlook can make a difference. As you already know, not getting enough sleep is one of the main causes of chronic tiredness.

Furthermore, not getting adequate rest can prematurely age you, causing aches, pains, and other health problems that affect your mental outlook.

If you are very tired, not being able to sleep may become very frustrating. However, if you let this frustration affect you negatively you may be making your problem worse.

When you prepare for sleep or are lying in bed, it can be easy to let your frustrations regarding lack of sleep overwhelm you. You may be thinking “I’ll never get to sleep” or “I’ve been lying here for hours and I am still awake.”

Sleepless womanUnfortunately, this kind of negative thinking will only compound your problem. You will become agitated and sleep will continue to elude you. However, if you use more positive thoughts you will find them to be more effective.

If you say to yourself “I am going to sleep well tonight” and “I will wake up refreshed in the morning” it will help you relax. Your mind will be able to move past your frustration more easily so that you can actually get to sleep.

An overactive mind is also one of the excessive tiredness causes because being consumed with thoughts is agitating. This agitation will put stress on your body that will increase your tiredness.

However, if you teach yourself to focus on relaxing thoughts, such as a dream vacation or a favorite slow song, you will be able to push these racing thoughts out of your mind so that you can focus on accomplishing positive things during the day and sleep well at night.

This positive outlook technique can be applied in other areas to help you feel more rested and more youthful. You may already know that exercise is a key component to feeling younger and less tired.

However, many people let their psyche undermine their attempts to exercise. Saying to yourself “I am too tired to work out” will make you lose motivation and may cause you to give up on exercise. But saying “I am going to have a great workout and feel better” will give you the extra boost you may need to exercise effectively.

More Expert Help to End Tiredness and Feel Younger

These are just two techniques used to end your excessive tiredness. There are also many other aspects of your life that you can modify to increase your energy levels and feel young again.

The trick is to become an expert and thoroughly understand the factors that affect tiredness, how they apply to your body and lifestyle, and how to overcome them.

End Tiredness ProgramThe e-book End Tiredness Program is a great tool you can use to finally beat your tiredness and begin to feel reinvigorated. The End Tiredness Program expertly addresses the many different factors which influence your body and cause extreme fatigue.

It offers substantial solutions to each of these problems in simple, laymen’s terms. The program is easy to follow and you can use as many of the techniques or as few as you need to find your unique solution.

Before you know it, the End Tiredness Program will have you feeling energized and youthful once again.

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  • santosh January 17, 2010, 6:59 am

    good advice.let me try it.

  • RW December 5, 2010, 3:03 am

    “when a person is healthy and their body is functioning properly they are maintaining a Ph that is slightly alkaline”

    The more alkaline your blood, the higher the Ph. Lowering your Ph makes your body more acid.

  • nur March 1, 2011, 8:24 am

    i feel tired all the time even at work.., i am a light sleeper.. when i feel sleepy.. i dun quite really sleep that soundly.. it takes a few hours for me to fall asleep.. and when i wake up from sleep.. my shoulder start to feel tired ,yawning here and there.. and i ate my meals 3 times a daily but i will be full if i ate half of the portions..
    i ate a alots of fruits but still it doesnt work for me.. and i really dont know what to do.. is it because my immune system is low?

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