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Lack OF Energy? How To Get More Energy

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Is your energy being zapped from you each day? Millions of people suffer from a lack of energy for a variety of reasons. Wonderful quartz bathroom countertops granitedepotindy.com.

There is no one “magic bullet” such as an energy drink or supplement that will truly fix the problem.

Here are some reasons, some surprising, why you may have daily energy drain and some simple strategies on how to get more energy.

Learn To Say “No”

Are you a pleaser? Do you spend time and energy you do not have trying to make others happy? Do you often volunteer for tasks that do not directly impact your life or job?

If you answered yes to these questions it is no doubt that you have an energy deficit. It is very nice that you are so willing to help others, but it does have a toll.

If you spend most of your time trying to please others and have no time for yourself, you will find that you have an energy deficit. Instead of saying “yes” to every favor requested of you, try to say “no” every now and then.

After you say “no”, try to schedule time for yourself throughout the week. The time you spend doing something for your well being will have great benefits.

In fact, it will help refresh you so that you are more productive when you do say “yes”.

Fall Asleep Faster

The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research suggests that U.S. companies lose $150 billion a year in productivity alone due to employee fatigue.

Quality sleep may be more important than quantity. The average American today gets an average of 6.5 hours of sleep compared to nine plus hours of those in the early 1900’s.

This correlates to the invention of technology like the internet and television which keeps people up later. Staying up later and the inability to fall asleep quickly wastes already too short sleeping time. Therefore, it is important to take steps to fall asleep faster.

The following are four of the tips the American Board of Sleep Medicine recommends for falling asleep faster in order to make the most of your rest:

1) Avoid watching television, eating, or discussing emotional issues in the bedroom. The bed should be used for sleep and intimate time only.

2) If you read a book at bedtime to relax, make sure that it is not too stimulating. Adventures, thrillers, mysteries, even non-fictional books on topics important to you will tend to keep your mind active long after you have stopped reading.

3) Try to minimize light in the bedroom. No matter how early it is, once the sun comes up you will become subconsciously aware that it is morning and be prone to wakefulness.

4) Keep your pets on the floor, not in your bed. If they often make noises during the night, move them to another room.

Get Organized To Minimize Distractions

If you come home each day to a cluttered home, especially bedroom, this can have a surprising effect on your psyche and zap your energy. Clutter makes “to-do” lists harder to accomplish.

Spending unnecessary time searching for items and having to continually relocate items just for space adds stress and contributes to a lack of energy.

Looking at the problem may give you a sense of hopelessness that you will never become organized. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, make a point to set aside time to confront the problem.

There are countless resources available to give you tips on organization and many home improvement stores have all of the equipment and guidance you may need.

It will take some of your energy at the time, but the sense of accomplishment after completing the task will reduce your stress and help you better relax.

Eat The Right Foods More Often

Are you eating often enough? Revving up your metabolism with frequent, small meals during the day will keep your energy levels higher. Large gaps of time without food makes your metabolism dip low making your body conserve energy.

This can make you feel lethargic. Nutritionists recommend having smaller meals or snacks every 2 to 3 hours.

Also make sure that those small meals are all apart of a balanced diet that meets your vitamin and mineral needs. Magnesium is one mineral that is important for energy, according to a New York University nutritional study on how to get more energy.

The study revealed that magnesium is needed for over 300 functions in the body, including converting food into energy.

If you do not have the right vitamins and minerals in your system, your energy will plummet.

If you have ever been to the Mediterranean then you know how animated and energized the people in this area are. Scientists now believe that their diet plays a big role in their energy levels and youthfulness.

This is the basis of the popular Mediterranean diet which centers on foods that are vitamin and mineral rich, but also composed of complex, quality carbohydrates.

These foods include nuts, whole grains and bran, fish, fresh vegetables, berries, and lean meats.

If You Need Additional Help

Where is your energy deficit? Take an assessment of your status and it should be easy to see. Sleep better, eat better, get organized, and take some time for yourself.

If those things fail, it may be time to step your efforts up a notch by following an expert anti-fatigue plan.

End Tiredness ProgramEnd Tiredness Program is a fantastic e-book that can help you address the simple and complex issues that may be causing your lack of energy. It is essentially a comprehensive guide showing how to get more energy.

It addresses the many different aspects of sleep, including how to get more sleep and how to get quality sleep. Furthermore, it addresses other issues related to your tiredness such as diet, exercise, substance use, and others.

It gives you detailed instructions about changes you can make that will help you eliminate your energy deficit. The End Tiredness Program is the careful and expert help you need to get more energy, stay focused, be more successful, and enjoy life more abundantly.

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  • CLAUDIA February 19, 2013, 5:18 pm

    I am 64 years old and I have been useing methanpmiminines (speed) since I was 15 yrs old. The only time I didn’t use it was whenI was in prision or on some other kind of drug. Totally about40 tears. That is quite awhile and I decided the other month, actually Jan1, 2013 to quit. Can’t afford it to much anymore and it is a very bad quality from the old days. Anyhow, the only problem I have is I have not got much energy, I of course expected that but what do you suggest to help me through this energy problem. Everything else seems to be ok. I have no problem sleeping, and really everything else is about the same. If you know what can energrize me please let me know.
    I still have all my teeth, my health is wonderful and I have no problem brain wise at least none that shows to me.
    Thank you

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