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Soups That You Can Make To Beat Fatigue

Soup Fatigue

Ever think of having soups to beat fatigue – soups for dinner?

When you have fatigue, sometimes it’s very difficult to force yourself to create a nice meal for yourself.

Yet, that’s exactly what you need – a nice home-cooked meal that can energize you, nourish you and give you a sense of comfort.

The funny thing is that no one ever really thinks of soups to beat fatigue.

They think about these types of soups:

• soups to lose weight
• low fat soups
• soups for diabetics
• soups for kids
• soups easy to digest
• soups good for diarrhea
• soups good for freezing
• soups for the crock pot
• soups good for colds
• soups for dinner

But never do people think about soups to beat fatigue. So you are one of the first to think up this idea if you are reading this article right now.

Soups For Dinner Every Day Of The Week

The fact is that you can craft your own soups for any purpose, but if you have fatigue, what better way to spend about an hour or two a week – and having enough soup for the rest of the week.

The reason why we know that soups can be created for fatigue is because of the whole field of dietetics. Dietitians have a whole diet created for every single type of illness – and symptom.

If you have diarrhea, there’s a diet that you can still eat. If you have constipation, there’s a diet. Diabetes – there’s a diet. Hypoglycemia – there’s a diet. Dietitians never want you to go hungry.

3 GuidelinesYou Only Need To Follow Three Soup Guidelines

There are guidelines you can use to create your own soups to boost your energy level and eliminate the fatigue you may be feeling. Here are a few of them to get you started:

1. Always Include Protein in the Soup
2. Use at Least One Primary Flavor
3. Include a Minimum of 5 Vegetables

1. Always Include Protein In The Soups To Beat Fatigue

The reason why you need protein in the soups to beat fatigue is because the protein provides some calories and buffers the carbohydrate content of a soup.

A food too high in carbohydrates – even soup – will create fatigue. But when a food has just the right amount of carbohydrate, you get energized and leave the fatigue behind.

To add protein to a soup you will need either one of the following:

• chicken
• turkey
• beef
• lamb
• egg

The best way to include the meats in soup is in a raw state, and then the meat cooks along with the rest of the soup. The taste of the soup is fresh when you add raw meat as well.

However, if you add cooked meat, the soup still has flavor, but it won’t be as good as it could be when you add raw meat.

Egg is added to soups such as egg drop soup, but it’s not really recommended in soups that beat fatigue. Instead, focus on the more hearty soups with meat of your choice.

2. Use At Least One Primary Flavor In Your Soups To Beat Fatigue

Every soup you make needs great flavor or you won’t eat it. The flavor goes a long way as a motivational tool.

In other words, when you eat a soup with lots of flavor, it’s almost as if you are transported out of your present mindset about your problems to a new beginning.

Life becomes passionate with flavors. Life becomes fun. Problems melt away.

Here are some great flavors you can add to any of your soups with meat:

• fresh grated ginger
• garlic and onion together
• ginger with lemon
• one primary spice such as basil, oregano, or savory

3. Include A Minimum Of 5 Vegetables

Every soup that is designed to beat fatigue needs vegetables.

It’s the medicinal constituents in vegetables that help you beat fatigue because they’re full of nutrients that activate numerous biochemical and metabolic pathways in the body.

When you create your soup to beat fatigue, it’s easy to start with two or three vegetables and sauté them in butter, olive oil or coconut oil.

Cook them thoroughly, then add two or more vegetables that are sliced or diced to the soup pot along with the water.

Tried And Proven Combinations For Your Soup To Beat Fatigue

Here are a few really great and tasty combinations that will work for you:

• sweet onion and garlic sautéed, then carrots, celery and diced potatoes with a protein base of beef bone and stew beef or chicken breasts

• green onions and garlic sautéed with ginger and lemon, then carrots and parsnips with a protein base of beef bone and stew beef or turkey chunks

• leeks and grated ginger sautéed, then butternut squash chunks, celery and parsley with a protein base of diced chicken

RecipeBasic Soup Recipe To Beat Fatigue

Your next question may be this: how much of each of the vegetables and meat do I use?

The answer is that you basically want to fill up the soup pot first with about 1 pound meat to 1-1/2 pounds meat, then add at least a small sauté pan full of sautéed vegetables.

Then fill up the rest of the soup pot with vegetables of your choice, and of course water or stock. Cook for about one hour, covered, and on low. Add salt and pepper to taste.

This is your basic soup recipe for how to make soup to beat fatigue. And the beauty of it is that every soup will taste different and every soup will be energizing.

Soup For Dinner Filled With Flavors

By the way, you’ll have plenty of soup for the entire week with this type of recipe, especially if you make one gallon.

This way if you’re still tired during the week, there’s no excuse to not eat right. You can always have a bowl of soup for a meal.

And you can always alter the soup just slightly if you get tired of it by Wednesday.

For example, by adding a cup or two of milk – another protein – to the soup, now you have a cream soup. You could even make that yogurt instead of milk.

Or you could add a can of lite coconut milk for a tropical flavor, one that goes exceptionally well with ginger and lemon.

Let soups that beat fatigue be what you use to get you out of the doldrums. Soup can energize your world. It can change your world. And it can nourish your world in more ways than one.

End Tiredness ProgramSoups for dinner, anyone?

While you’re eating your soups, do check out the End Tiredness Program which discusses many different factors that cause tiredness.

I’m sure you will love it and find some real answers.



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