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12 Uncommon Causes Of Tiredness

Number 12

When you’ve been to the doctor and no one can seem to tell you why you have extreme fatigue and tiredness, you’ll have to start investigating causes of tiredness on your own. Some of the reasons why we are tired are pretty obvious, while others aren’t.

Surprisingly, some of the common causes of tiredness may not have even been evaluated from a medical perspective. These are the ones that we are calling uncommon causes for purposes of this article.

For example, if the medical doctor orders a Complete Blood Count (CBC) or a Chem Screen (Liver Profile), every lab index could be within normal limits. However, what wasn’t looked for includes the following on this list below.

12 Uncommonly Considered Causes Of Tiredness, Exhaustion And Fatigue

1. Specific Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies

Many vitamin and mineral deficiencies will cause fatigue and tiredness, even exhaustion. For example, vitamin D deficiency isn’t usually associated with tiredness, but the vitamin is essential for the immune system to work properly.

Thus, your body’s defenses are lowered and you are more susceptible to infections, especially low-grade ones. Low-grade infections are ones undetectable by medical tests because they haven’t blossomed into a full-blown infection yet.

Nevertheless, they are still zapping your energy levels and making you tired.

2. Hypothyroidism

Unless a specific test for all the thyroid hormones is run at the laboratory, you won’t know what the status of your thyroid really is.

A regular CBC and Chem Screen are not enough to uncover what’s happening with your thyroid gland.

3. Effects Of Prescription Or Non-Prescription Medications

You’d be surprised at how many medications cause tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue.

To find out if yours could be the culprits in stealing your energy, go online and read a full disclosure of the side effects of any medications you are taking.

Many medications in the statin group are responsible for causing lack of energy because they create a CoQ 10 deficiency. Adding this supplement to your other supplements may be a temporary solution until the medication can be changed.

4. Pregnancy

Some women don’t realize that they are pregnant until the third month or longer! During these three months the fetus is growing at record growth rates and using your energy reserves to do so.

Pregnancy could be an uncommon cause of tiredness. You will always need some extra vitamins and minerals while pregnant. Being pregnant can be a joyful time.

5. Beginning Stages Of Urinary Tract Infection

In the beginning stages of a urinary tract infection, you will feel tiredness. This is because the white blood cells produce cytokines that slow you down.

It’s an example of how the body is smarter than us, since some people will keep going until they drop!

6. Food Allergies

Food allergies cause a lot more than sniffly noses and sneezing. Tiredness, and even exhaustion and fatigue are common symptoms of food allergies and they are uncommon causes of tiredness.

These symptoms can show up immediately after a food is eaten, or up to four days later. Allergies are always a drain on the body’s energy levels, and on the immune system.

A simple way to find out what you’re allergic to is to order an IgG test for food allergies. This can be found online and ordered without a doctor’s permission.

7. Gas Leak In The Home

A very small break in the connector hose seal is enough to leak gas into the home. Sometimes people notice a faint smell of gas when they pass their stove. This is a sign of a gas leak.

Gas leaks cause tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue and eventually death because they replace oxygen in the blood with carbon monoxide. Pay attention to your surroundings; this uncommon cause of tiredness can be resolved easily.

8. Parasite Infections

Have you been to Mexico or another country lately? It’s too easy to pick up a parasite in the water or from the soil.

Sometimes parasite infections can cause diarrhea for a few days and then the symptoms are gone but the parasite still remains. Parasites can move to other organs as well.

The answer is really to systematically detoxify the internal organs with colon, liver, kidney, and other organ cleanses.

9. Low Potassium Levels

Have you been sweating a lot lately?

Your electrolyte levels may be low and a cause of tiredness and fatigue. Eating more green vegetables can help restore them.

10. Unhealthy Eating Habits, Such As High Glycemic Index Meals

In the 1980s, the Glycemic Index was released to the public to help them control their blood sugar levels a lot better. This index has to do with carbohydrate foods.

Certain foods caused the blood sugar levels to skyrocket after a meal, and then crash back down to low blood sugar levels. These foods were given a Glycemic Index rating.

During the highs and the lows, people would experience bouts of tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue. Check out some books on the topic. Your lab tests from the doctor may indicate a “normal” blood sugar level during fasting, but the “normal” levels are actually quite questionable.

11. High Mold Levels In The Home From Water Damage

The human body can put up with a certain level of molds in the air, but once the level is exceeded, there’s a drain on the immune system.

This causes tiredness as your body tries to overcome the molds that can cause infections in the body.

Don’t take these molds lightly because someone who is healthy can be totally disabled in a few months when living in an environment with a high mold count.

12. Constipation

Most doctors don’t believe there is any connection between what’s happening in your toilet and your health. It’s a crying shame, because no one feels energetic when they are constipated. Just ask anyone who is on painkillers, which stop colon motility.

End Tiredness ProgramYour bowels should be moving the contents out at least twice daily. See what happens to your tiredness once this is corrected.

Check out the ebook, End Tiredness Program and discover even more causes of tiredness and what to do about them. Why be tired for the rest of your life?


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  • Suzin Shayne February 26, 2012, 1:39 am

    I am a 63 year old, relatively healthy individual. I take 88 mcg of levothyroxine for my low thyroid. My levels are in range. I am not overweight. I have not been exercising (walking) like I used to. I am unemployed for 4 years. Finally secured employement and I am starting on Monday. Nervous and excited about my new venture. I am a bit concerned about my tiredness that starts around 2P. I am thinking, that I can possibly be suffering from depression concerning my unemployment and money issues. I also have concerns that I cannot afford health insurance and hanging on until I am 65 years old. I get plenty of sleep. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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