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Warning: Your Thoughts Can Make You Tired!

Tiring thoughts

Is it true that the thoughts that go through your mind can make you tired?

And if so, how can you really stop the thought bubbles from making you feel exhaustion and fatigue?

Winners in life always consider that what they’re doing may be contributing to less than spectacular results.

They are experts at monitoring their personal thoughts, which some call ‘self-talk’.

When Self-Talk Causes Tiredness, Exhaustion And Fatigue

Self-talk can be negative or positive, and when it’s negative, it’s associated with tiredness, and eventually exhaustion and fatigue.

Here’s an example:

Brenda has a situation occurring in her family where the relationships between everyone are not very good. She often calls, reporting on what is happening. “This person did this…that person did this.” She finishes the conversation with how tired she is, how bad life is, and what else may happen to her.

This victim type mindset is full of negative self-talk. She blames herself and cuts herself down for her role in these bad relationships by stating she should have done xyz action 20 years ago, but doesn’t address what she is doing today.

Brenda doesn’t realize that simple shifts in her thinking would yield plenty of energy in her life – and better relationships.

How To Turn Negativity Into Positivity

It’s important to state how to make some of these shifts in thinking, since many of us need to review them from time to time.

Shifting Negative Self-Talk to Positive Self-Talk

1. Guilt Equals Tiredness

Guilt will always produce tiredness, irritability, and even anger outbursts. If not dealt with, you can expect guilt to lead to self-denial or even self-righteousness, both which make the whole situation even worse.

You can’t hide guilt from others. Every religion has an antidote for guilt: repentance and forgiveness. These restore your soul to a clean state, and believe it or not, your energy levels will return quickly. You feel brand new, as if you have a whole new life.

Whenever you feel that you contributed to someone else’s demise, or your own demise, it’s time to repent and ask for forgiveness. Then know that the process is finished, unless you need to make amends.

Get guilt out of your life as soon as you can, not by blaming others, but by repenting. Saying you are sorry really isn’t that difficult.

2. Focus On Goodness

If you think your life is bad, or even that a situation is bad, you are focusing on badness. Whatever you focus on, you will get more of.

Want more goodness in your life or more energy? Focus on goodness and what it’s like to have more energy and you will bring it about. Your psyche is a magnet to whatever you focus on.

3. Stop Thinking Of The Worst Case Scenario

Wondering what else will happen that is bad is human – but it’s not productive. Stating out loud what could happen is even worse because your body then hears what you said, and does everything to bring it about.

Stop doing this! Have you ever noticed that when you say, “I hope abc doesn’t happen…” that it actually does happen?

You gave abc a lot of focus and energy, instead of keeping your energy to yourself. It’s no wonder why you’re tired, and why you got exactly abc to show up in your life.

The key is to catch yourself saying that something bad could happen, and then immediately correct it by adding – “and xyz (something good) could also happen.” Then give the xyz scenario more energy and more time to think about than the abc scenario.

Soon you will notice that you don’t even bring up the negative possibility at all.

Thoughts That Make Us Tired

Below is a list of some of the statements that we make or think that creates tiredness. The sooner you can catch yourself saying them, the sooner you can change them.

Try going on a fast from all these fatigue-producing statements.

1. “Oh no, I will have to do this and then that…”

Knowing you are going to have to do more work is never that pleasant. Work involves exertion and exertion leads to tiredness. The connection is pretty solid in the brain.

Telling yourself you have all this extra work to do will create exhaustion and fatigue before you get started on the job itself!

Change the statement to one of expectation of the rewards from the work.

2. “I know once someone hits 40, they fall apart.”

Once you have a belief that you will fall apart at a certain age, your mind will look for this to happen.

For example, a person who believes that falling apart occurs at 40 won’t feel any appreciable amount of tiredness until hitting 40. Then the next very day, exhaustion and fatigue could set in, and never leave – unless the mind program that created it is changed.

How about thinking, “I have abundant energy like an energizer bunny!”

3. “Not this again!”

If you catch yourself thinking this thought, you have found a loophole in your positive thinking. “Not this again!” means that grief, trouble, chaos – and tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue along with it are soon to follow.

Change this thought to “This time I’m going to break the pattern and by changing xyz, I will get a new outcome.” Now the expectancy is positive.

4. Learning something new: “I have to learn ….”

Learning isn’t always tied to tiredness and fatigue, but in many people who have had poor school experiences where they were put down or told they were stupid, learning has become a negative expectation.

That’s why they stop reading books or going to any new classes after high school graduation.

Find the joy in learning by taking fun memory classes or even speedreading. You’ll be amazed at how this one skill will take you far in life, especially since nothing in life ever stays the same!

5. “I look terrible today!”

If you believe you look bad, you’ll begin to act badly, too. And if you believe you look haggard, you can’t help but feel tired.

The antidote is to start taking better care of yourself, and maybe even consider some of the latest anti-aging techniques on the market.

Plastic surgeons know that just by changing the way that someone looks, the person’s self-esteem improves. We see it on the makeover television shows all the time! When self-esteem soars, so does the person’s energy levels!

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